Building Software that Builds Your Business

Data Guidance Group is a business software company. Small and mid-sized company executives rely on Data Guidance Group when:

  • Committed to business growth without adding employees.
  • Scrambling to get control of employees, projects, or inventory.
  • Choked by outgrown or out-of-date computer software.
  • Concerned that their current computer software may no longer be adequate. 
  • Struggling with Excel or Access to get the reports they need.
  • Finally tired of shrinking gross margins and missed profit targets, and ready for a system that produces results.
  • Frequently disturbed by errors like missed invoices, lost sales, express shipping costs, and pricing errors.

DGG is a leading Mid-South business software specialist. With a combination of off-the-shelf and custom software, we help you build a system to increase margins and propel business growth.

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Outgrown Your Software?

Have you outgrown your computer software? Do you need a new ERP or accounting system to grow your business and increase your margins?

ERP, accounting, and business software are the focus of everything we do at DGG. Whether off-the-shelf, tailored, or custom developed, we can build a system to get you out of the box.


Software that Fits Your Needs

Selecting the right software to meet your needs is a business decision first and foremost. It can affect your ability to compete and grow.

Our processes and business expertise help you compress the selection to implementation cycle by up to 50%. With DGG on your team, selection and implementation of the right technology solution becomes easy. A variety of services are available, depending on your needs:

  • Creative modification of new or existing software solutions
  • Implementation of pre-built off-the-shelf solutions
  • Custom developed software

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