Data Guidance Group's Dirt Simple Point of Sale

Starting Screen for Dirt Simple POSIf you operate a parts counter or need a quick way to process "will call" sales that pay by credit card, Dirt Simple (tm) point of sale may be the product for you. It offers all the basic features needed at the point of sale, plus credit card processing and cash drawer control. Best of all, it is designed for 30 minute training. Once it is set up, you can have a high-school student processing sales with 30 minutes of training.

Point of Sale systems designed for the retail industry only are often stuffed with features like store layaway, complex loyalty plans, paid-outs, store transfers, and a host of others. They come with price tags to reflect their features. Many years ago, customers came to us looking for a simple POS system designed with a basic set of features including:

  • Quick processing of over-the-counter sales
  • Product barcode or UPC scanning
  • Receipt printing
  • Cash drawer support
  • Cash-out at the end of the day (counting cash and reporting over or short, also called Z-out)
  • Full integration to the ERP or accounting system so detailed sales history was available for all sales in the main data collection tool
  • Basic data to support marketing and loyalty programs
  • Credit card swipe and processing
  • On-account sales
  • Support for accounting systems running in the cloud
  • Ability to run disconnected from the accounting system and upload or poll on a scheduled basis (weekly, daily, or even hourly)
  • Support for Point-of-purchase specials (discounted product) and bundles (multiple products sold for a single price)
  • Touch-screen support 
  • Programmable quick-entry buttons for commonly sold products and bundles
  • Discounts (including a full discount structure like mid-range accounting products support)
  • Sales on-account for credit customers

Dirt Simple (tm) Point of Sale currently is fully integrated with QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is designed for easy integration with any accounting product with a suitable software development kit (SDK) to support integration (most accounting software has this ability).

Here's a quick overview of the product.