Software Solutions To Build Your Business

Give your employees the tools they need to build your business and improve margins: software built just for you. Off-the-shelf, commercial ERP or accounting software tailored specifically for your business gives you the most cost effective solution. Data Guidance Group helps you design and tailor a complete business solution that empowers your employees and optimizes your business. This provides the data you need to grow and maximize margins. We build systems that build your business by skillfully combining existing components to create your system.

Business Expertise

We focus on business software: ERP, accounting, manufacturing, operations, and database solutions. DGG starts by understanding your business. Deep business expertise guides an understanding of your business, and assures that the solution fits your needs now and looks forward to the future.

Off-the-shelf ERP and Accounting Solutions

ERP, accounting, distribution, manufacturing, POS and other operational systems are our specialty. This expertise allows us to identify the best software for your business situation. Like selecting a suit that fits, meets your budget, and looks good on you, DGG software fits your business like a glove.

Tailored Software

Even a close fit may need a bit of adjustment. The best fitting suit on the rack can still fit a bit better. Tailoring software to your specific needs provides the efficiency and return on investment that turns your system into a profit center. It can turn a mediocre system installation into a fabulous success.

Custom Software

In some businesses, off-the-shelf software is a poor fit. In these cases, a close fit builds your business and improves your margins. Custom software matches your business processes. It fits like a custom suit and provides ultimate business efficiency.

Your Software

DGG's focus on business software puts a company with 20+ years of experience on your team. Our on-going research on ERP, accounting, manufacturing, database, and other software is at your disposal. Download your copy of our white paper, Guide to Selecting Business Software to learn how our process can benefit you.