Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision)

Microsoft Dynamics NAV by Data Guidance Group

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Box Picture - Click to get a Microsoft Dynamics NAV TrialDistribution, Manufacturing, Wholesale, and Service clients seek Data Guidance Group when:

  • They need to replace outgrown or out-of-date software
  • Committed to growth without adding extensive staff
  • Scrambling for control over projects, inventory, logistics, or employees.

Our consultants use their business expertise to understand your business and your unique needs. We can then determine whether Microsoft Dynamics is a fit for your needs. Because we support several software products, we can recommend the product that best matches your ERP and business needs. 

Our first priority is to understand your business. Located in Memphis,TN--in the center of the Mid-South--helps us reach you wherever you may be located. DGG recommends NAV because it offers your business a deep and flexible solution for ERP, MRP, service, distribution, and accounting processes. Because your business needs broader solutions with more features that save you time and money, it may be an ideal fit.

Fully Integrated Solution


Dynamics is a fully integrated solution offering Manufacturing, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 President Role CenterPresident Role CenterWholesale, Distribution, Warehousing, Job tracking, Fixed Assets, Service, and CRM systems. It also offers mobile products, web based employee and customer access, eCommerce, and many other features.

Cost Effective: You Get More For Your Investment

In comparison with other systems in the mid-market--some costing many thousands of dollars more--Dynamics offers the best feature set we've seen in the marketplace. This is confirmed by rankings from dozens of customer Needs Analysis documents that rank it alongside products from the Tier 1 manufacturers. This ERP provides the broad range of features your business needs.

Leverage Your Investment

Because this ERP software is a Microsoft product, it leverages other Microsoft technologies you may have. Office products, Windows SharePoint Server, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, SQL Server, BizTalk Server, Exchange Server, and other Microsoft techologies are embraced to increase the effectiveness of your overall system.

Source Code Available

If you need special processes in your business, or just need to collect a bit of additional data, this is one of the few products that offers you full and complete access to data, reporting, business rules, screen formatting, and other source code that is used to build the application. All Certified Partners for Dynamics NAV are required to maintain certified professionals who can assist you in getting your specific needs met with the software.

Library of Additional Products to Choose From

Using the same tools available to you and certified partners, Independant Software Vendors who are also Microsoft partners have developed a host of additional products that you can add to your system to tailor it. Best of all, because these products are fully integrated into the source code of the product, there are no seams, and they work in tandem with the existing features of Dynamics NAV. They look just like the existing product, and work just like it. You won't have to learn to work with a product that has a different look and feel from your ERP system.

The Right Solution

At Data Guidance Group, we firmly believe that your business is unique. You don't need a cookie-cutter solution for your ERP software; it's just too important.

That's why we support a suite of accounting and ERP software. It's also the reason that we follow a software selection process that assures that every client does a thorough Needs Analysis. In fact, we believe it's so important to do Needs Analysis that we don't charge for our Needs Analysis. Take a look at our process, and then contact us for more information.

Several documents that describe some of the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV are attached below.