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STATICS Business Growth System (SM)

If your technology is not removing limitations or strengthening your weakest link, then you aSTATICS Business Growth Systemre wasting money and time on technology.  The STATICS Business Growth System is a practical, proven seven-step process that enables companies to identify the forces outside and inside that are derailing their business and rectify them with technology solutions that work. STATICS is designed to work particularly well in small and mid-sized businesses.


What are you trying to accomplish?  Too often companies are solely focused on day to day operation and lose site of the bigger goal.  STATICS helps you define your strategy and ensures consistency throughout the process.

Total Business Analysis

Marketing, shipping, sales, inventory, production, order entry, accounting and more are all key factors in a successful business.  But if they are not working in concert, weak links and bottlenecks develop throughout the system resulting in lost productivity and business limitations.  Identifying these is a key factor in successful software implementation and business strategy. Sometimes technology is not the answer, but only with a full analysis of business processes is it possible to discover this.


Establishing accountability within your business is essential to future growth.  Data Guidance Group works with you to identify the employees that should be responsible for each facet of your business and develop defined measures to assure success.

Technology Understanding

A plethora of technology options are available for today’s businesses.  Cell phones, Voice Over IP phone systems, CRM, ERP, websites, social media, and others dramatically impact your business’ success or failure.  But only technology that removes business limitations provides an immediate return on your investment. 

Data Guidance Group’s experts work with you to effectively evaluate your existing technology system and identify areas for improvement whether through new software or reconfiguration/customization of your existing resources.

Information Focus

“Inspect what you expect,” is a common business maxim.  Measurement, or information, is the key to knowing whether your business is successfully executing your strategy.  Information keeps you and your team focused on the activities that grow your business. 

It ensures that information technology is providing the right systems that maximize the salespeople’s ability to sell; operation's ability to produce order and ship products, and marketing’s ability to execute the marketing plan.

Continuous Improvement

Business is constantly changing but the STATICS foundation guarantees you have the right systems in place to eliminate inefficiencies and improve your business on an ongoing basis.

Solid Execution

The best laid plan is useless without the proper execution.  The STATICS system provides a nuts-and-bolts approach that assures defined strategies are successfully executed and business profitability is increased.