Business Software Made Simple Webcast Series

Business software isn't designed to be complicated; it's designed to help businesses increase profit by removing the things that get in the way. Our monthly 20 minute training sessions cover a specific function in popular software. Download the schedule for the current quarter below.[img_assist|nid=105|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=200|height=132]

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Data Guidance Group.'s "Business Software Made Simple" series is a monthly series of half hour web conferences designed to improve the profitability of your business using technology. Every month, we'll demonstrate specific techniques to make software more productive in your business. This quarter, our focus will be on three popular software packages: Sage ACCPAC ERP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Intuit's QuickBooks Enterprise Series. The current quarter schedule is available for download. Register at

The series is complimented by the podcast ceoTechCast, produced by Bob Palmer and Data Guidance Group. Bob has published four books designed to help businesses control sales, costs, and service using software. He has a unique ability to make even the most complex technology seem simple.