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Comments on Netsuite

DGG has been watching Netsuite for several years. One of the first ERP products that was a purely Internet based (cloud) or SaaS, it produced a stir when first released by advertising $99 per user. A closer look at the pricing reveals that the minimum pricing is in the range of $999 per month, and add-ons can raise that substantially. In addition, most subscribers purchase implementation services from a Netsuite partner, which raise the initial investment in the product substantially. Netsuite minimum pricing and add-ons make other products attractive for smaller SaaS implementations of ERP.

There are a number sites on the internet that include reviews of Netsuite, including:

CRMsearch (comprehensive, independant review)

G2 Crowd (End user reviews, be sure to evaluate the reviewer's qualifications)

PC Magazine (See the bios of both authors, neither has worked extensively with ERP software [which reduces the value of their review]) - This is not a comprehensive review of ERP in the Mid-Market. Also, SAP BusinessOne, Netsuite, and Accumatica are not in the same marketplace as AccountMate and Cougar Mountain Denali; it is like reviewing a Major League Baseball team alongside a recreation league team. As far as it goes, however, a good review. 

Recent Developments

Note that Oracle has recently announced plans to acquire Netsuite.

In 2014, a number of stock firms began downgrading Netsuite. TheStreet's downgrade cites a number of reasons for this including deteriorating net income, low return on equity, and debt management issues. In 2015, a number of firms have followed, including Piper, Raymond James, and Barclay's

Netsuite Pricing

Suite pricing is reported to be $999 per month for SMB suite pricing (as shown). The bottom line is that you'll need to get a quote and provide some information to a vendor of the software to get accurate pricing.

DGG Comments on Netsuite

As an early entrant into the pure SaaS market, Netsuite gained market share and publicity. With the expansion of the major market players (Intuit, Sage, and Microsoft) into this space, initially high prices per user have come down, making Netsuite more risky and less attractive. The technology used to create the products also deserves a look, as the major market players address distribution of their products via the cloud in significantly different ways.