Epicor 9 (formerly Vantage) Software -- DGG Consulting Review

Overview of Epicor 9 (formerly Vantage)

Epicor--like some other major software companies--owns several products. Apax Partners recently merged Activant Software and Epicor to form a single mid-market ERP solutions company. With revenues of $825 million, the merged companies form a combined company with strengths in a number of specific markets.

Strengths of Epicor 9 / Vantage

Epicor Vantage is a product of the pre-merger Epicor company. It is generally known to have a number of strengths in manufacturing, as well as general ERP. In terms of manufacturing, the product is strongest as a Manufacture-to-Order system (many mid-market ERP/MRP are also designed more for MTO than other manufacturing systems such as engineer-to-order or process manufacturing).  The Gartner Group's magic quadrant report was released in December 2010. Gartner notes a number of strengths in architecture and functionality.

Weaknesses of Epicor 9 / Vantage

A number of Vantage 8 users cite expanded hardware requirements and issues with Epicor's responsiveness to bug fix requests. While the Garter magic quadrant places Epicor 9 in the visionary quadrant, we urge readers to carefully follow the definitions and the evaluation methodology in the Gartner report. The evaluations may not mean what they initially seem to mean.

A number of users of Vantage 8 reported that hardware requirements are significant, and that RAM and processing power were key to performance.

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