ERP and Accounting Software Packages

Data Guidance Group collects information on Top 10 ERP and Accounting Software packages in the mid-market. In each category, we've selected fact sheets and other information to provide an overview of the software.

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Mid-Market products are used in businesses with sales from $2 million to $250 million (some vendors say $500 million), with the "sweet spot" from $5 to $50 million.

Top Mid-market Packages

Top mid-market erp software performs well year after year. Some of these packages reflect their history (Sage 300, Dynamics GP, Macola ES); other products were engineered in the 1990s and reflect newer concepts and design (Dynamics NAV and Netsuite). The product that is best for your business is the product that best fits your requirements. Often, the best place to start a software search is creating a precise definintion of your operating software needs. This list of ERP packages provides a starting point for your search.

Link for free trial of Dynamics NAV Dynamics NAV Trial      Link for free trial of Sage 300 Sage 300 (ACCPAC) Trial


Small Business Products Above the Mid-Market

These products are just above the price point for a standard mid-market application. Implementation fees are typically higher, and are more appropriate toward the higher end of the sales range above ($50 million).

Products removed from the top ten:

          • Sage Pro (written in FoxPro)
          • Sage PFW (formerly Platinum; a source within Sage advises that this product may be discontinued)
          • Sage BusinessVision
          • Microsoft Dynamics SL
          • Traverse (Open Systems)

Evaluating Accounting Systems

If you are evaluating ERP or Accounting software, you might be interested in DGG's Guide To Selecting Business Software.

Several sites have published a top 10 accounting systems list. Most analysts divide the market into the following divisions, although these are blurring today:

          • Tier 1
          • Mid-Market
          • Entry Level

Tier 1 products include such products as Infor (Baan), JD Edwards, Lawson, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP (All-in-one, Business byDesign, and R/3), and perhaps others (some include products line MAS-500 or Microsoft Dynamics AX [Axapta] in this category). SAP has by far the largest market share in this segment of the market. These products are designed for rapidly growing businesses with sales from $50 million, and larger enterprises with sales exceeding $100 million.

Entry level products include such products as QuickBooks Enterprise Solution and Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree). There are also several low-cost online QuickBooks versions.

Note: Attachments below are PDFs found in DGG's ongoing research. We try to remove entries that are too old, but you should look for the most current version of the product literature before making a decision.